How to Apply False Lashes

If you’re going to attempt to apply false lashes on yourself, make sure you Practice, Practice, Practice! My best advice for putting lashes on yourself is to:

1) Tilt your head back and look down into the mirror (if you look straight on, they’ll end up in your crease), and…

2) Make sure you let the glue dry for a few seconds to get it tacky before trying to stick the lashes to your lid (if the glue is too wet, it’ll go everywhere and you’ll make a mess).

Also, with any false lashes, start applying the lashes from the outer corner (trim the lashes if you need to so that they don’t poke your inner corner).  To see how to apply lashes step-by-step, watch my video tutorial: False Eyelashes Tutorial!

As far as level of difficulty, corner (or half) lashes are typically the easiest to apply , then full strip lashes, and finally, individual lashes are the most difficult because you have to be very precise in their application.  My favorite lashes to use are Ardell’s Demi Wispies for dramatic or #100 for natural.

Don’t be intimidated by applying false lashes! They’ll come off eventually (when you want them to).  Just be sure not to pull your own eyelashes when pulling the false lashes off.  Start from the outer corner and pull inwards and away.  It also helps if you use eye-makeup remover first (preferably an oil-based one) to loosen the glue or to remove any excess glue after your pull the lashes off.  Watch my video tutorial to see how to remove your false lashes: How to Remove False Lashes.

You’re ready to start practicing now!