Is Beauty Really Skin Deep?

A colleague of mine was doing some research and asked if I could give her an example of “how the ritual of beautifying [my]self, or feeling beautiful, made a difference to [me] that was more than skin deep.”  She wanted to know if there is a “defining moment for [me], whether it’s a daily routine or a significant lifetime event, where feeling beautiful on the outside changed how [I] felt on the inside?” This is what I told her:

“For me, looking good on the outside, makes me feel good on the inside.  Beauty = confidence.  When you feel that you look good, you actually feel better and people will be drawn to you.  People are attracted to confidence and attractiveness.  Beauty shouldn’t be a feminist issue.  Women should work with what they have and use it to their advantage.  And it’s not just about makeup, it’s about taking care of yourself.  If I go a couple of days without shaving my legs, I feel so much sexier when I finally do shave them.  I might even show them off, and I might have an extra bounce to my step.  Also, if I spray perfume on, I want people to be within smelling-distance of me. Whereas if I forget to put deodorant on, I don’t want anyone to get close to me.  Knowing that you made that extra effort, makes you want people to notice that you made an extra effort.  You want to be noticed.  As for makeup and hair, I feel that makeup and hair are a woman’s best accessory (that’s my motto).  We should have fun with them! When I’m getting dolled-up for an event, I don’t want to be rushed.  I want to take my time, enjoy the beautifying process and make sure every detail is the best it can be.”

How do you feel???


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