Women’s Figure Competition

Aubrey hired me to do her Makeup & Hair for a Women’s Figure Competition in Culver City back on March 27th. Here’s a “Before & After” photo:

Before & After

Aubrey is an absolute doll! She is so fit and petite! But notice in her “Before” photo that her face is lighter than the rest of her body? That’s because she has to get sprayed tan as dark as possible to show her muscle definition for the competition (she’s not this dark on a daily basis).  So the key was for me to match her face makeup to the skin tone of her body.

Now go back and look at her “After” photo – I got a pretty good match, huh? Also, the Makeup & Hair shouldn’t draw to much attention from the body because that’s really what’s being judged.  We wanted to give Aubrey a feminine look that wasn’t too “girly” or too dramatic.  So I played up her eyes and gave her soft yet defined curls for her hair.  Aubrey took 2nd place in her class for this competition! Here’s a photo from the actual Competition:


MuscleContest 2010

And she re-hired me for another competition that took place on April 24th in Anaheim.  Here’s the “Before & After” photo of the 2nd time I worked with Aubrey:

Before & After

We went a little softer on the hair this time, and notice that she was actually darker here than the 1st time.  That’s because the judges wanted her to be darker to show off more of her definition.  And it paid off (in addition to all her hard work and training since the 1st time) because she took FIRST PLACE in her class for this competition! I knew she would win! Here’s a photo of the 1st Place Winner from the Competition:

Orange County Muscle Classic 2010

And last, but not least, here’s a photo of me and Aubrey (She makes me look so pale…and chubby! Haha!):

Me & Aubrey

*** Follow Aubrey’s blog at aubreyfit.blogspot.com for fitness tips and info! ***

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