My Wedding Concierge

My Wedding Concierge -- Find Us On the iPhone I am now featured on My Wedding Concierge.  Launched in September 2009, My Wedding Concierge focuses on the emerging market of mobile wedding marketing.  A core component of the My Wedding Concierge marketing tools is the “My Wedding Concierge” iPhone App.  Available in the Apple App Store for free, this application allows brides to research and request information from wedding vendors directly from their mobile phone.  When used in combination with their website, brides are provided with a mobile collaboration tool, which will allow brides to not only find and rank vendors, but share and organize them among their friends via social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

What a neat concept! The “My Wedding Concierge“ iPhone App allows brides to research wedding vendors on the go.  My Wedding Concierge is the only iPhone App that focuses solely on wedding vendors.  Focused on this vendor-centric view, the iPhone App forgoes traditional wedding planning tools such as seating charts and to-do lists.  As a result, My Wedding Concierge can confidently say that all 60,000+ page views last month were of brides using their app to search for wedding vendors in their local areas. Since launching, they have had over 18,000 downloads and consistently get 100-150 brides downloading their app daily. All downloads are audited by Apple and provided to us in daily reports.

My Wedding Concierge was created to fulfill an unmet niche in the iPhone market. Brides love to use My Wedding Concierge to look at the work of wedding vendors in their local areas.  My Wedding Concierge offers one touch email, phone, and visit to the vendor’s website.  Brides no longer have to carry around a huge wedding folder with pages ripped out of a magazine. Brides can click on the “Request Info” button and their email is immediately captured and sent to the wedding vendor for follow up.  Brides will be able to use our site to search for relevant information from wedding vendors, hand selected wedding blogs, images, and news articles.

My Wedding Concierge is the new face of wedding technology! Get on board today!


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