The Scoop on Blue Eyeshadow…Eeeek!

Oh, blue eyeshadow…how I love thee! ❤

The 80s gave blue eyeshadow a bad rap, and many women are scared to wear it today.  Just mentioning the word blue when referring to eye makeup can make women cringe.  But that’s because they’re thinking back in the day when it was all about blue, lots of blue…in fact, too much blue! * Think Mimi from the Drew Carey Show *

However, I personally believe that any woman can wear any color eye makeup, it’s just how, when and where they wear it.  Blue is a great color for the eyes! But it shouldn’t be the main color.  Use a hint of blue to really make the eyes pop by adding it just to the lashline.  Blues help to brighten the whites of the eyes.  Also, a smokey blue can be gorgeous! Just don’t use only blue eyeshadows! Make sure you use some other colors, like a pinkish-brown in the crease to warm the look up a little bit.

Blues go great with every eye color! It will complement blue eyes, make brown eyes pop and really bring out the turquoise in green eyes! Remember, ladies…it’s just makeup, it can wash off! So have fun and don’t be afraid to try new colors (especially blue)!

See some photos below of Blue Eyeshadow I did for Event Makeup (click on the thumbnails to see the larger images):


2 thoughts on “The Scoop on Blue Eyeshadow…Eeeek!

  1. Thank you for this Briana! I am always afraid to play around with blues since I have big eyelids but yes I will just ad a tint of blue! I want my eyes to pop!!! Great blog!

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