Bridal Makeup & Hair

I have a secret to share with you…

Makeup is my specialty, and Photography is my other passion.  But here’s the secret – I only do Hair because I can.  (I can’t believe I just admitted that!)

I’ve been doing hair for over 8 years now, and ever since I discovered Makeup & Photography, I put Hair on the back-burner because I’m so passionate about Makeup and Photography.  (I know, I know…shame on me!)

But I have decided to change my mindset about Hair! I have decided to look it as another form of art (as Makeup & Photography are forms of art) rather than just something that makes me more marketable as a Makeup Artist.

So last Friday, December 11th, I was booked to do Bridal Makeup & Hair at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes.  Beforehand, the bride and I had discussed how we were going to do her Makeup, and she showed me a photo of how she wanted her hair done (click HERE for the photo) except she wanted to leave her side bangs out.  So with my frame of mind officially changed in regards to hair, I looked at the photo as an artistic challenge, and that’s when I became excited about it!

Here are some photos of the Bride on her wedding day after I did her Makeup & Hair (click on the thumbnail to see the full size image):

Her wedding had a Peacock theme (so fun!), so for her eye makeup, I created a smokey-eye with purple shades and a pop of teal right at the lash-line, which really complemented her hazel eyes!

And the hair turned out perfect! I actually enjoyed doing it! And my client loved it! She said her Makeup and Hair turned out exactly how she had wanted them…Yay! I really love doing Bridal Makeup & Hair!

BTW…I have a wedding coming up Saturday, December 26th in Long Beach for which I’m doing the Makeup, Hair AND Photography for! So exciting! Be on the lookout for the photos in a few weeks!


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