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Interview with Makeup Artist … Briana Nickas
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August 2009

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briana Interview with Makeup Artist … Briana Nickas Spend a few moments with Briana … the following is from an interview I held recently with an awesome Makeup Artist … introducing Briana Nickas!

Tell us a little about yourself and what inspired you to become a make-up artist?

Let’s see, where to start…I have always been artistic; I studied art for many years both in high school and college. I also studied cosmetology, and I have always been fascinated with “Before & Afters” and the transformation that is created with makeup. I love art but thought of it as more of a hobby than a career. During college I worked part- time as a makeup artist at a retail cosmetic counter. Little did I know the artist in me would emerge as strongly as it did … I loved working with people at the makeup counter and soon changed my major from business to art! I officially decided to pursue an artistic career in makeup!

Did you go to school or are you self taught?

I studied painting and photography for many years both in high school at the Las Vegas Academy of Visual and Performing Arts and International Studies as well as in college at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas. My formal education in art gave me a true artistic eye and understanding of colors, blending, lighting, design, contouring/highlighting, etc. I also went to cosmetology school where I studied hair, skin and nails. Plus, I have worked for many high-end cosmetic companies which trained me on their specific products and application.

Why do I need a professional — can’t my mom, my sister, or my best friend just do the make-up?

A professional makeup application makes a HUGE difference in the way your makeup will look, last and photograph on one of the most special and important days of your life! You’re spending thousands of dollars on your big day – don’t skimp on your appearance! Some brides cringe at the idea of having their makeup done by someone else – maybe they had a bad experience. But I assure you, this won’t be the case with a professional (especially not with me!). I have been doing makeup for years. I have my own professional makeup kit with tons of high- end products – everything you could possibly need! I also have specific techniques for ensuring that the makeup will last throughout the day as well as look good in photos! And you can always do a Trial run to assure that you get the exact look you want! Besides, the Trial is great to do for your engagement photos, bridal shower, bachelorette party or rehearsal dinner!

What happens if I cry during the ceremony will my pictures be ruined???

Your pictures will not be ruined if you use a professional makeup artist because they will know how to make your makeup last, and give you pointers on how to do a quick touch-up if needed. However, if it gives you better peace of mind, an additional service that I offer is that I am available to stay through the ceremony (and even the reception if you like) to provide personal touch-ups for you.

What do you find to be the most common mistakes brides make with makeup?

The biggest mistake brides make with makeup on their wedding-day is to have a friend or family member (someone who is not a professional makeup artist) do their makeup. Also, a big makeup no-no is to use foundation with SPF. The reason you don’t want to use SPF is because it is reflective, so when you take photos, the flash will reflect off the makeup, making the subject look lighter than they actually are. Another thing that makes a big difference is the quality of makeup you use. You must use high-quality products designed to be photographed that will hold-up well throughout your special day applied by a professional.

From your most basic package to your most elaborate what are your fees?

My rates are competitive, ranging from $100 to $150 for each person, which includes false lashes. My rates reflect my skills and expertise, the fact that I use only high-end products, and because of my guarantee for a flawless makeup application that will last beautifully for hours and look amazing in photos! Plus, I will come to you, providing you with a stress-free, professional environment in the comfort of your own home, hotel room or wedding venue. However, please keep in mind that my rates are negotiable. If my rates do not fit within your budget, please let me know exactly how many people will be needing their makeup done and what your total budget is, and I’ll try to work within that amount. I’m always willing to try to work within one’s budget!

Thanks Briana! … Briana can be reached on her website where she has samples of her work and you can learn more about her services …

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