Vegas Clients

This past Wednesday, June 17th I did makeup and hair for two of my clients from Vegas who came to LA for a Playboy Casting Call.  Here are some “After” photos I took of them:

Makeup & Hair

Makeup & Hair

Makeup & Hair

Makeup & Hair

Susie is the blonde, and Amy is the redhead.  I did a blow-out for Susie’s hair and added extensions.  That was a first for me with extensions! Thanks for your help, Susie! For Amy, I curled her hair.  It never seems to want to hold the curl, so I tried a new technique this time.  Hope it worked!

They are both beautiful, amazing women! I miss my clients in Vegas! But at least they have someone to go to in LA now.

I wish them both the very best and have my fingers crossed for them! I can’t wait to see their careers with Playboy unfold! Keep at it, Susie and Amy! Miss you already!


4 thoughts on “Vegas Clients

  1. I have shot with both girls in Vegas. I know they are ready already! Two of the most gorgous models I have shot.

    • It’s because of you, Bill, that I have had the pleasure of working with these two gorgeous women! Thanks for referring me!

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